Understanding Master Key Systems

A Master Key System Simplifies Security Aspects

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A simple explanation for a master key system is one in which every lock in a system or property can all be opened or locked with the use of a single key, called the master key. In these systems, every lock will also have its own key, which can only operate that particular lock. Click here to read about all of our locksmith services.

Master key systems are used mostly in commercial properties and may even be used in large apartment complexes that are leased out. There are variations in this form of master keying. A building with six floors will have a master key for each floor that opens all the locks on a particular floor, and a grand master key that operates all the locks in the entire building, irrespective of the floor. The master key of each floor will not work on any other floor, except the floor that it is made for. This form of master key system is very commonly used in hotels and large office complexes. Such systems can also be made for particular groups of locks.

The size of the system that can be master keyed will depend on the type of lock and the number of pin chambers it has. The more pin chambers that there are, allow for a greater number of locks to be included in a master key system. This determines the number of cuts that can be made in a key that is assigned to any system. Master key systems do compromise on security and do not offer the same security as locks that can be operated only by a single key.

Designing a master key system is a very demanding process that requires computer systems and a database that can keep track of all the keys, the locks they operate and the group they belong to. A master key system allows each door to have its own lock and key, which can only be operated by the person who has possession of that key. The master key will remain with a responsible person, who is authorized to open all the locks in the system, in cases of emergency. Master key systems can also be used in homes. This helps you to get over an emergency situation, if any key is lost or misplaced. You can use the master key to open the lock, giving you enough time to find a locksmith who can get you the required replacement key.

It is very important once a master key system is installed in a home, office or commercial property that these master keys are only available with responsible persons who can be trusted with their possession. Such persons must also be accessible and available easily to deal with emergencies. Master key systems require detailed knowledge about the combinations of pins and springs that need to work together in order for the lock to operate. It is an advanced and tricky system that requires real expertise, when any repairs are required to be made. It is an expertise that you will find only with very experienced master locksmiths.