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Years back, the primary role of locksmiths was to make keys. The concept has however evolved over time as a result of technological advancements. Today, there are many things that locksmiths can do to enhance the security of your home and property. The scope of the services they offer ranges from residential to automotive and commercial services. Most of the locksmiths are well trained and skilled. However, due to the sensitivity of security matters, it is advisable to hire services only from reputable licensed locksmith companies. Listed below are common services offered by a locksmith.

  • Handling residence or business lockouts.
  • It is such an annoying situation to get home only to realize you have misplaced the keys and cannot access the house. In such a case, you need to call upon the services of a locksmith rather than using a do-it-yourself approach. They will help you enter the locked home without using a key. For this, they will use specific tools to open the lock without causing much damage to the door. The cost of repairing a damaged knob and the inconveniences associated with it make hiring locksmiths a better and hassle free option

  • Installation of locks and security systems
  • the best commecial locksmith in hanoverIt is a service that is particularly helpful when you have just relocated to a new residence, or when you have misplaced your keys and can’t find them. In that case, locksmiths may find the need to install new lock sets for better security. As such, they will help you pick the appropriate lock that best suits your needs and budget. Apart from locks, locksmiths can install additional security systems such as surveillance devices, alarms, smoke detectors, and motion detectors just to mention a few.

  • Repair services for locks and security systems
  • Since locks and keys degrade as time goes by, they become prone to breakages. Sometimes a key can even bread inside the lock making it impossible to close or open the door. Such a situation makes your residence an easy target for intruders. Locksmith will come and inspect the lock, and then use their training and skills to troubleshoot and fix the lock opening. They do this without leaving so many traces on your door for a good appearance. They will also provide servicing and maintenance for installed security systems. With this, locksmiths ensure that your home is a more secure place to live in.

  • Making and duplicating keys
  • LocksmithHanoverPennsylvaniaProfessional locksmiths can create for you a new set of keys, and that has been usually considered as their primary role for long. They start by copying the lock for your home, and then proceed to produce as many keys as you need. This is helpful for replacement of lost keys when you just need extra keys for the people you live with. You can duplicate car keys, door keys, and even keys for safes.

  • Installation of a master key system.
  • Legacy LocksmithsLegacy Locksmiths can in a way combine all your keys into one. They do this by designing a master key system that allows a single key to access different doors within the building. It is useful especially in an office setting where movement of people in designated areas has to be controlled. To do this, locksmiths do not need to change your old locks. They will come up with a customized master key system that suits your existing locks. With this, they increase the security of your property and reduce the number of keys needed.

  • Re-keying your current lock
  • Best lock and key service in Hanover PASometimes you may not be comfortable with your current lock for various reasons. For example, you have given your keys to so many people, you have moved to a new house, or you fear your lost keys might have fallen into the hands of a burglar. Rather than getting an entirely new lock, locksmiths can alter the pattern of your current lock. After this operation, all existing keys will be rendered useless. By offering this service, locksmiths provide a cost-effective way of getting rid of old, worn out keys. In a case where you want to upgrade the type of lock in your home, locksmiths usually advise that you replace it instead of re-keying.

  • Service call and emergency services
  • Sometimes there could be something wrong with your lock but you just can’t figure out what that is. When that happens, you can contact a locksmith who will come and have a look at it to determine where the problem lies. This applies not only to locks but also the entire security system in your residence. Locksmiths respond fast to
    emergency calls, time of the day notwithstanding. Some even go an extra mile to provide personalized services as you may require so that your safety is guaranteed.

  • Automotive lockout services
  • car locksmith hanover paThere may be a time when you lose your car key, so you are locked out of the vehicle. Since this is a complicated situation, it necessitates contacting a locksmith for assistance. Going for this option is even less expensive and more efficient than having to find your dealer to replace the key. Locksmiths offer different services in relation to car lockouts but the most common ones include: Repairing damaged ignition as a result of stuck keys and locked keys in the car.

  • Sale, service and installation of safes.
  • Locksmiths provide different brands of safes, both for home and commercial uses to meet the needs of their clients. They undertake the transportation tasks and are willing to help you select the most appropriate type of safe from their vast collection. They assist in the maintenance of the safe to make sure that your precious items are secure. During installation, the trained technicians take great care to cause minimal damage to surfaces in tour home.

The above and more are some the Hanover PA locksmith services available from Legacy Locksmiths, 1 Center Square, Suite 44 Hanover, PA 17331. For convenience, it is an excellent idea to identify a local locksmith before an emergency strikes. You can do this by carrying out research beforehand, and ensuring you keep the contact of the company you have chosen. With that, assistance will be just a phone call away when you need it. Locksmiths will ensure your house is secured at all times.