What is Re-Keying Locks

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It Is A Good Idea To Have Your Locks On Your House Re-Keyed

If you have just purchased a new home, it would be a good idea for you to re-key all of the locks on your home. If your home is newly constructed all you have to do is to think about all of the the contractors, sub-contractors and realtors have already been through the home.

They all had to have a key to get in, so there is a good chance of somebody having your key to your house who should not have it. So it just makes sense that to be safe, one would get the locks re-keyed.

It doesn’t really matter though whether or not the house is of new construction, or the house you are moving into is a previously owned home. The keys to the house are stored in the realtor lock box that hangs on the door knob, and it is still possible for someone to get a copy of that key.

It is a good idea to go looking for a professional locksmith anyway, because there are situations when you might need to call one in an emergency. Having a locksmith re-key your locks is not very expensive at all when you compare the cost of someone having a copy of your key and just entering your home while you are at work to “relieve” you of you possessions.
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If you think that this situation could never happen to you, you need to think again. Just to be safe, you have to think like a criminal. It is not too far fetched to imagine someone who has worked as a contractor or a sub contractor who has such a key, and for whatever reason the person decides to go into a life of crime. Stranger things have happened.

Another thing that a new home buyer should insist on is that part of the terms of sale will include the re-keying of all the locks in the house. That would take all of the trouble and expense away from the buyer and everyone will be happy.

Another suggestion would be to buy your own locks yourself and simply install them. That is another viable solution if you are adept at such jobs. While you are at it, you could install deadbolts as well, if they are not already there.

One reason why you might want to strike up a relationship with a locksmith is that there may be certain advantages. If the locksmith is a 24 hour locksmith, that company will be available all the time. If you happen go out for the paper early in the morning in your bathrobe, and accidentally lock yourself out of your own home, you can call the locksmith to come and bail you out, and the fact that they will know you will be an advantage.

If you change the locks or re-key them as soon as you can after you buy the house, you are just taking a logical precaution that may seem simple at first glance, but by doing that you don’t have to worry about the consequences of not changing the locks.

Finally, if you are a business owner, consider having your business set up on a Master Key System.

Advice on Opening Locked Car Doors

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Methods to Open Car Doors

Have you ever found yourself stranded after losing your car keys? If you have ever lost your keys, you possibly know how embarrassing it is trying to get the door open. Never mind, here are tips to help you get out of the saga. First we will discuss ways that you should never use if you want to avoid damaging your vehicle.
Do Not Use These Methods to Open Locked Car Doors
Using a Coat Hanger
This is a cheap option that people often try in an emergency car lock-out. Using a coat hanger most likely will NOT save you from calling the locksmith and spending money for the repair, AND may result in damage to the car’s weatherstripping and paint. Coat hangers are not an effective solution to opening locked car doors.
Using a Slim Jim on Cars with Electronic Locks
Another method people will try, popularly portrayed on TV, is the use of a Slim Jim type of tool inserted inside the door itself. If your car has speakers in the door or electronic lock or mirrors you run the risk of ripping out the electrical wires, resulting in not only the door not opening, but also additional repairs.

Electronic locking mechanisms are widely used on various types of cars. Because of technology, new models have power locks installed with remote controls to help open ca door remotely. This scenario is different if compared to what happens in case of old car models that are opened manually. Also, there are vehicles specially made with locking knob on the inside top of the door just by the window. Note that some have a flexible handle that makes opening it easier.
Below are some of the ways to help unlock your car door safely
The use of your shoes string seems too good to be true. It might look far-fetched but this is a tool you are most likely to have at any given moment. This mechanism does well on doors that unlock by pulling. All you need to do is to tie a tiny loop right at the middle of the shoe lace that may be tightened. After this, put the shoelace into the door, and then pull the loop so tight so that it covers the hook and pull it up. It may require you to keep trying if you are not an expert. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to open a locked door with a shoe string.

Another favorite trick that works great if your vehicle has a door knob that sticks up is to use a plastic box strap (black strap used to hold boxes together). Fold the strap in half and slide it through the gap. Once inside the vehicle position it so the fold goes over the door knob, pull back so the strap is pulling against the door knob and then give the plastic strap a jerk upwards. Most often this will raise the door knob, opening your door without any damage to your vehicle.

Lastly, click here to contact a locksmith if all else fails. We are trained to open vehicles quickly and safely without damage to your vehicle.

Understanding Master Key Systems

A Master Key System Simplifies Security Aspects

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A simple explanation for a master key system is one in which every lock in a system or property can all be opened or locked with the use of a single key, called the master key. In these systems, every lock will also have its own key, which can only operate that particular lock. Click here to read about all of our locksmith services.

Master key systems are used mostly in commercial properties and may even be used in large apartment complexes that are leased out. There are variations in this form of master keying. A building with six floors will have a master key for each floor that opens all the locks on a particular floor, and a grand master key that operates all the locks in the entire building, irrespective of the floor. The master key of each floor will not work on any other floor, except the floor that it is made for. This form of master key system is very commonly used in hotels and large office complexes. Such systems can also be made for particular groups of locks.

The size of the system that can be master keyed will depend on the type of lock and the number of pin chambers it has. The more pin chambers that there are, allow for a greater number of locks to be included in a master key system. This determines the number of cuts that can be made in a key that is assigned to any system. Master key systems do compromise on security and do not offer the same security as locks that can be operated only by a single key.

Designing a master key system is a very demanding process that requires computer systems and a database that can keep track of all the keys, the locks they operate and the group they belong to. A master key system allows each door to have its own lock and key, which can only be operated by the person who has possession of that key. The master key will remain with a responsible person, who is authorized to open all the locks in the system, in cases of emergency. Master key systems can also be used in homes. This helps you to get over an emergency situation, if any key is lost or misplaced. You can use the master key to open the lock, giving you enough time to find a locksmith who can get you the required replacement key.

It is very important once a master key system is installed in a home, office or commercial property that these master keys are only available with responsible persons who can be trusted with their possession. Such persons must also be accessible and available easily to deal with emergencies. Master key systems require detailed knowledge about the combinations of pins and springs that need to work together in order for the lock to operate. It is an advanced and tricky system that requires real expertise, when any repairs are required to be made. It is an expertise that you will find only with very experienced master locksmiths.